Earthquake | JCTC


During a major earthquake you will experience shaking of the earth or building. This shaking may start out as a gentle rocking motion that grows violent, or it may begin as a violent jolt. You may find it difficult to walk during the shaking.

During an Earthquake:

  • Stay where you are, get under a desk or table or stand in a doorway or the corner of the room.
    • IN LABS: Do not seek cover under tables or benches in laboratories.
    • Chemicals could spill and harm you.
    • If possible, extinguish fires, flames, or other sources of ignition.
  • If you are outside, get into an open area that is away from buildings, power lines, and trees.
  • Do not use elevators.
  • If you are driving, pull over to the side of the road and stop immediately.
    • Avoid overpasses and power lines.
    • Stay inside the vehicle until the shaking stops.

Following an Earthquake:

  • Gather your valuables and leave the building quickly.
    • If necessary, provide assistance to those who have been trapped in the building, including those with mobility impairments or those who are trapped by the debris.
    • Gather at the designated meeting location, or rally point.
  • If people are injured or cannot be accounted for or if you know someone is still trapped in the building, call Campus Safety or your local emergency contact.
    • If there is no answer or if the line is busy, call the local EMS (911).
  • If you can, put a sign on the building that everyone got out OR that someone is trapped.
    • If someone is trapped, note the time, date, number of victims, and their last known locations on the sign.