Bomb-Threat | JCTC

Bomb Threat

Bomb threats may be received by telephone, e-mail, or letter.

  1. If you receive a bomb threat, remain calm and obtain as much information as possible:
    • Time and date reported
    • How reported
    • Exact words used
    • Exact location of the bomb
    • When it is going to explode
    • What kind of bomb it is
    • Why it was placed there
    • Description of the caller
      • Male/Female?
      • Young/Old?
      • Accent?
      • Tone of Voice
      • Intoxicated?
      • Any speech problems?
      • Background noise?
  2. Immediately call 911.
    • Then contact Campus Safety or your campus emergency contact.
    • Provide them with all the information that you received, specifically the location and the time the bomb is supposed to explode.
  3. If the threat was made by writing, do not handle the letter or note any more than necessary.
  4. Do not touch or move and unfamiliar objects, and wait for police to arrive on the scene.
  5. The Vice President of Academic Affairs or his/her designee will make all decisions regarding cancellation of classes.