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Reverse Transfer Opportunity (RETRO)

Reverse Transfer at Jefferson Community and Technical College

If you started at Jefferson and transferred to a university, you may have earned enough credit hours towards an associate degree. Associate degrees can be awarded after:

  1. Earning at least 15 credit hours at Jefferson.
  2. Earning 60 credit hours total between Jefferson and your university.
  3. Earning your general education credits.
  4. Maintaining a GPA of 2.0 or higher.

If you think that you might qualify for an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree, here s what you can do:

  • Pull up an Academic Program Plan (APP) and see what classes you have already taken
  • Contact a Jefferson advisor.
  • Contact the records office at your school about sending transcripts to Jefferson.
  • Apply at Jefferson for graduation.

    Apply by October 1st in the fall and March 1st in the spring. Then be on the look out for further communications from Jefferson.

Reverse Transfer at University of Louisville

If you earned 15 credit hours at Jefferson before transferring to the University of Louisville you, you may have earned an associates degree.

Visit the UofL Reverse Degree Portal or contact Transfer Services at UofL, (502) 852-0166 or

For assistance, please call (855) 2GO-JCTC (855-246-5282) or visit our Student Service Center online.