Active Duty Military Withdraw | JCTC

Active Duty Military Withdraw Process

  1. If the student is enrolled in online courses they may choose to continue their enrollment.
  2. If the semester has not started, student may withdraw as outlined by the college process.
  3. If the semester has started, the student must submit documentation of active duty if they wish to withdraw. Orders should be submitted in person (with a photo ID) to the Records Office by the student. If the student is not available to submit documentation in person, they may designate someone to act on their behalf by completing a consent to release information form. Please make sure if you ask someone to act on your behalf they present this document and a photo ID along with your active duty orders. The date of the orders often determine the withdraw action.
  4. The Records Office will work with the offices of Veterans Affairs, Financial Aid, & Business to determine if any financial assistance was used for tuition payment for the semester. This information will help to determine the appropriate date of withdraw and possible refund OR balance owed by the student.
    • NOTE: Withdrawal for active duty purposes does not relieve both the student and/or college from the Return of Title IV calculation and return of moneys.
  5. Your withdraw may create a refund. To set up your refund preference, you can find information on the Bursar’s webpage. Please make sure you have selected a refund option so that there will not be a delay in your refund. Refunds are processed through the Bursar's Office once a week with BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc. for distribution. The refunds are distributed based on the students selected refund preference. BankMobile Disbursements will send an email to you once your refund has been processed.