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Administrative Withdrawal Procedure

It is the goal of Jefferson Community & Technical College to foster an environment in which students are able to fully pursue their academic goals. When life circumstances prevent a student from achieving these goals, it is the intent of the college to provide a mechanism whereby the student may withdraw from their studies and return when able.

Policies for an administrative withdrawal

  • An administrative withdrawal removes the student from enrollment in courses based on the last date the student attended/logged-in/participated in each course. Supporting documentation that aligns with the dates the student stopped attending must be provided.
  • When a student never attended a course or the last date of attendance is in the 100% drop/refund period on the academic calendar, the course will be dropped (meaning removed from the record and tuition charges removed). Similarly, if the last date of attendance occurs during the 50% refund period on the academic calendar, a grade of W will be assigned and 50% of the tuition responsibility will remain. 
  • An administrative withdrawal does not remove the student’s financial obligation to Jefferson Community & Technical College. A student may be eligible for a refund or partial refund only when the last date of attendance occurred within the 100% or 50% refund period. 
  • Withdrawals will be processed based on the last date of attendance in each course when supporting documentation aligns with the dates the student stopped attending.
  • The 100% and 50% withdrawal dates for each course may differ and are found on the course syllabi, respectively.

Procedures for an administrative withdrawal

Students who seek an administrative withdrawal due to unexpected extenuating circumstances must complete the administrative withdraw request form. Examples of extenuating circumstances are things such as hospitalization, severe injury, death of a loved one, and other personal, medical, or employment related issues that make it impossible to continue in college courses at that time.

The student must provide the College with:

    1. Complete a paper administrative withdrawal request or complete it electronically on the College’s website.
    2. Written request for withdrawal, including: the reason for the request, explaining how the circumstance, illness, or condition, affected their ability to maintain their status as a student at the College.
    3. A statement that explains why they were unable to withdraw using the standard withdraw process during that semester.
    4. Documentation of the issue such as a letter from their healthcare provider or other medical documentation, police report from a car accident, letter from an employer about a schedule or location change, obituary, or any evidence pertaining to the reason the withdraw is being requested. 

Students should be aware that withdrawals may negatively impact the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirement for financial aid. 

Submit the Administrative Withdraw Form, along with supporting documentation as mentioned above, to Kem Hargrove via one of these ways:


Office location: Downtown Campus, Jefferson Educational Center, suite 500 (200 W. Broadway)

Mailing address:  109 E. Broadway, Louisville, KY 40202

Fax: (502) 213-2540

All administrative withdrawal requests for Fall 2023 must be filed by September 15, 2024.

All administrative withdrawal requests for Spring 2024 must be filed by February 15, 2025.

All administrative withdrawal requests for Summer 2024 must be filed by July 15, 2025.