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Unusual Circumstances Request for Dependency Override

Federal financial aid regulations indicate the family has the primary responsibility of meeting the educational costs of students.  If you are considered a Dependent Student based on the FAFSA definition for dependent students, your financial aid eligibility is determined using your parent(s) income/asset information, in addition to your own.  Dependent students are required by law to provide parental information to be considered for federal financial aid. Financial aid includes grants and student loans.

Due to unusual family circumstances, a student may request to be considered as Independent.  A student working and being self-sufficient is NOT an unusual circumstance and cannot be considered.

This form is for initial file evaluation. A member of the Financial Aid Office will contact you within 10 business days to submit an in-depth dependency override form as well as additional documentation once this form has been received. We will act on your request for an override only after receiving the required form and supporting documentation which confirms your circumstances.