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Loan Process

Loan Request Process:

If you wish to receive a Direct Stafford Loan, please follow the instructions below:

Log-in to your KCTCS Student Self Service.

Loan request - image 1

Click on Student Center.

Loan request - image 2

Click on Loan Request blue link under the Financial Aid section

Loan request - image 3

Follow the instructions as prompted.

Once you click on the Submit button, your request will be processed

Within 5-7 business days, your eligibility will be determined and if possible, your awards will be noted in your financial aid package. If you do not see it processed within that timeframe, please contact our Student Service Center at 855.246.5282.

Please be sure to revisit your KCTCS Student Self Service to view your loan awards.

Please also be sure to complete your MPN and Entrance Counseling as required at

You are also encouraged to visit the NSLDS Student Site at to know your current student loan debt and repayment schedule.