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Financial Aid Release


I authorize Jefferson Community and Technical College/KCTCS to deduct any and all indebtedness that I may have at the Barnes and Noble (B&N) campus bookstores from my anticipated financial aid.

  • I understand that I am personally responsible for payment for all my bookstore charges in the event that my grant/scholarship/loan is revoked or does not cover the entire balance of my charges.
  • I understand that the bookstore charging option is for a limited time for each term and requires that I meet all financial eligibility and processing standards.
  • I understand that I must have aid showing as anticipated aid that exceeds my balance due to Jefferson Community and Technical College in order to be considered for charging books.
  • I understand that my purchases are subject to the established refund policies and guidelines of the bookstore.
  • I accept full responsibility for the repayment of my charges. I acknowledge that KCTCS will pursue collection of all outstanding accounts pursuant to its Business Procedures.
    • Further, I acknowledge if my account becomes delinquent, KCTCS may refer it to outside agencies for collection with the referral being subject to additional fees and costs.
  • Further, I acknowledge and hereby grant the college the right to apply any financial aid I may receive toward the payment of this note, including but not limited to PELL, SEOG, allowable external or institutional scholarships, and/or student loans.


  • I hereby authorize all funds, including Title IV, to be used for the purposes of payment of any non-required institutional charges (if assessed); fees, library fines, parking fines, etc. I hereby authorize all current year funds to apply to any minor prior year charges.

This is a voluntary authorization and you may rescind this authorization by contacting the Financial Aid office in writing.

Please provide information below & your signature acknowledging you consent.

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